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Hydroquinone dioxygenase (HQDO), a novel Fe(II) ring-fission dioxygenase from Sphingomonas sp. strain TTNP3 which oxidizes a wide range of hydroquinones to the corresponding 4-hydroxymuconic semialdehydes, has been crystallized. The enzyme is an α(2)β(2) heterotetramer constituted of two subunits of 19 and 38 kDa. Diffraction-quality crystals of HQDO were obtained using the sitting-drop vapour-diffusion method at 277 K from a solution consisting of 16% PEG 4000, 0.3 M MgCl(2), 0.1 M Tris pH 8.5. The crystals belonged to the monoclinic space group P2(1), with unit-cell parameters a = 88.4, b = 125.4, c = 90.8 Å, β = 105.3°. The asymmetric unit contained two heterotetramers, i.e. four copies of each of the two different subunits related by noncrystallographic 222 symmetry. A complete data set extending to a maximum resolution of 2.5 Å was collected at 100 K using a wavelength of 0.980 Å.


Stefano Da Vela, Marta Ferraroni, Boris A Kolvenbach, Eva Keller, Philippe F X Corvini, Andrea Scozzafava, Fabrizio Briganti. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of hydroquinone dioxygenase from Sphingomonas sp. TTNP3. Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology and crystallization communications. 2012 May 1;68(Pt 5):588-90

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PMID: 22691794

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